Building digital-ready organizations and practices.

THRIVE Digital

Are you interested in learning ways of using digital to increase your productivity and efficiency?

Arts BC is here to help you take the next step with our new program series, THRIVE Digital. This program is designed to support the digital journey of arts and culture workers, by providing skills and knowledge building opportunities, such as workshops, virtual residencies and more!


Digital Literacy Approach

Our approach to digital literacy is designed to be a multi-year initiative to support cultural workers and artists gain the skills and tools they need to successfully navigate the digital world. The first phase of this project, DigistARTS, focused on community consultation and research to better understand the challenges and opportunities of digital transformation in the Arts & Culture sector.

We are now in phase 2 of our initiative, THRIVE Digital. At this stage, the aim is to transform our findings into learning opportunities that take the form of workshops, peer learning groups, and more.

For us, building digital literacy means getting comfortable with digital. More importantly, it’s about thinking strategically about the role digital tools play in our everyday work and creativity. In addition to how we respond to digital trends that drive key areas in our work such as audience engagement, marketing communications, content development, collaboration and fundraising.


Our initiative’s phase 1 program, DigistARTS, was developed in partnership with Nordicity. This program emerged in response to the challenges among artists and cultural workers with integrating digital tools into their practices.

Over the course of 2019, we conducted a needs assessment around digital literacy with local community artists and cultural workers. In response to our findings, we’ve compiled a list of essential tools in the form of a Resource Guide to act as a key starting point.

Generously funded by the Canada Council for the Arts.

Have Questions?

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