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Artistic vibrancy must reflect community identity. What works in your city or town might not work for neighboring communities. When it comes to making lasting impact, whether it’s about cultural planning or working with elected officials, we’ve got toolkits to get you started on building strategies that can be unique to you and your community.

Below you will find some of our own toolkits along with our favorites put together by folks from the Creative City Network of Canada (CCNC), Springboard for the Arts, Artscape, and more!


Arts BC has prepared a toolkit dedicated to highlighting approaches to advocate support for the arts and cultural sector from candidates for elected office. This toolkit will explore ways to advocate for public awareness and government support for arts and culture within local communities and regions.

Cultural Planning

Cultural planning is defined as strategic and integrated planning by the application of cultural resources in the development of the city and society. Below are some essential toolkits that explore this topic further through various routes within our sector.

Community Arts & Planning

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