Explore what it means to be an Arts BC Member.

About our Membership

As an Arts BC member you join our province-wide network of over 350 arts councils; arts, culture, and heritage organizations; individual artists, creative entrepreneurs; community, and partner groups – The People Powering the Arts in BC!

The aim of creating this network is to help arts and culture workers like yourself connect with peers working and volunteering in the sector; while also giving you access to exclusive resources and knowledge-sharing opportunities to help you, your organization and your community thrive.

Who Should Join?

Membership in Arts BC is open to all that express an interest in promoting and participating in arts and culture across British Columbia. An Arts BC Membership might also be right for you if you find value in any of the following:

  • I am looking for tools and support to excel at arts and cultural leadership.
  • I am interested in peer support and knowledge exchange.
  • I want to connect with my peers within the sector – to share, to learn and to celebrate the arts in BC.

Whether you work within a non-profit organization, small business, or as an independent artist, know that our membership experience was created with you in mind.

What are the Benefits?

When you join our network of individuals, organizations and businesses you help keep the arts thriving in our communities. There are of course tangible benefits as well when you become a member that range from accessing reduced insurance rates to consultation services, event perks and more!

1. Arts BC Members get access to a comprehensive extended health benefits plan at low group rates.

2. Non-profit members receive reduced rates on a range of insurance services through Shaw Sabey and Associates.

3. Be part of our growing Member Directory to showcase your work and connect with others.

4. Get featured across our social media and newsletter through our Member Spotlight initiative.

5. Access to our Insight Team for professional support from sector leaders at a reduced rate.

6. Early Bird access and 40% discount on all Arts BC programming including our annual Conference.

7. Subscription to our Arts BC Insight Quarterly newsletter, delivered digitally for our members.

8. Access to exclusive resources made for members that include toolkits, guides, and media content.

9. Receive a 30% discount on BC Alliance Arts + Culture’s professional development programs and workshops.

10. Receive a 50% discount on submissions to BC Alliance Arts + Culture’s Classified listings.

To learn more about each benefit, simply click on a box below for more information.

1. Access to Group Extended Health Benefits

Arts BC members have access to a Group Extended Health Benefits program, making comprehensive health coverage available to small employers and self-employed artists at a reasonable and sustainable cost.

2. Get reduced rates on insurance services through Axis Insurance Group.

One of the benefits of Arts BC membership is access to low-cost insurance. Members will have access to reduced rates for Directors and Officers Liability, General Liability, Property, Cyber and Volunteer Accident coverage. All non-profit members are eligible for reduced rates available through Axis Insurance (formerly Shaw Sabey & Associates). Learn more HERE.

3. Join our growing Member Directory to feature your work and network

Arts BC is an evolving community of passionate people from all across British Columbia. Members have the opportunity to create their own profile to be added to our online Member Directory, the go-to rolodex for Arts Organizations, Arts Councils, Individual Artists and Cultural Workers.

4. Get featured on our social media through our Member Spotlight initiative

Members have the opportunity to be featured on our social media channels and in our e-Newsletter! Programming promotion support can include in-person and online events, festivals, residencies, new art or products, recent awards, etc. Access to the form can be found in our Member Resource Portal.

5. Access our Insight Team for support and consultation at a reduced rate

Members can access the expertise of our Insight Team, a group of leading arts professionals at a reduced rate. Support from the team ranges from strategic planning, digital strategy to community outreach and more.

6. Get Early Bird access & 40% discount to all Arts BC events and programs

You’ll get the first chance to register for our exciting professional development programs including workshops, Community Cultural Forums, Virtual Residencies Learning Pods, and the Arts BC Annual Conference. And the best bit, you’ll receive a 40% discount on the attendance fee!

7. Subscription to our digital Insight Quarterly created for members

Our Insight Quarterly is more than just a newsletter, it’s an exceptional resource created for the time we are in, providing valuable insight from industry leaders and opportunities for professional growth, collaboration and support.

8. Access to Exclusive Members’ content, resources and toolkits

Access to our exclusive Member Resource Portal, which includes a growing library of past workshops and conference materials along with a range of toolkits covering topics from Fundraising, Risk Management to Equity and Inclusive practices.

9. Get 30% discount on BC Alliance Arts + Culture's Pro-D programming

Through a reciprocal benefit partnership with our friends at the BC Alliance for Arts + Culture, Arts BC members receive 30% off BC Arts Alliance Professional Development programming and workshops.

10. Get 50% discount on BC Alliance Arts + Culture's Classifieds job board postings

Arts BC Members receive a 50% discount to submit listings to BC Alliance Arts + Culture’s Classifieds postings, one of the largest arts and culture job boards in British Columbia with over nine million page views annually! 

Ready to join Arts BC?

To become a member and take advantage of these benefits today, click here to get started. If you have any questions about our membership, please don’t hesitate to reach us at [email protected] or give us a call at +1-778-410-5104.