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June Registration Closed

Virtual Residencies take place September through March

POD 1 - Lead: Carla Stephenson
Systems change, sustainability, org change and development, decision-making/scenario planning.

Carla Stephenson will be building on and sharing her learnings through The Rural Arts Inclusion Lab– a project she created to address the lack of diversity and inclusion in arts organizations, audiences and performers in rural British Columbia. One of Arts BC’s Insight Team leaders, she has been active in knowledge-sharing with colleagues throughout BC and joins us in promoting new voices and fresh thinking.

A favourite quote of hers: “Inclusion is not a strategy to help people fit into the systems and structures which exist in our societies; it is about transforming those systems and structures to make it better for everyone. Inclusion is about creating a better world for everyone” – Diane Richler

Key questions that guide her Rural Arts Inclusion participatory research work, and that will be central to Pod 1 learning include:

  • Have you found yourself questioning the equity and diversity of the programming, audiences and structures of our organizations?
  • Are you struggling with how to reimagine your practice, livelihood or organization in the wake of Covid?
  • Have you ever wondered how your participation in a colonialized system may be playing into maintaininginequality?

Topics include, examining our own privilege, an overview of systems thinking (with opportunities to dive deeper), antiracism, community building, emergent strategy


POD 2 - Lead: Merideth Bisiker
Financial management, money-coaching, relationship with money/’have not” thinking, administration

People are funny about money. This pod addresses the deeper need to uncover the barriers to change of Have vs. Have Not thinking in the arts. This barrier reflects impoverished and scarcity-based thinking of many arts organizations who have difficulty cycling out of their current capacity due to, in some cases, an organization culture that may not value skills and professional development or openness to new ideas and practices, and cites lack of resources as their main issue. We know many organizations that break of out the cycle of limited capacity and move towards abundance.

This pod also will help you come away with tangible learning in financial management from cash flows, income statements, budgets, CADAC, program vs operational budgeting, etc.— all key requirements of successful management and leadership, and expectation for funding from the BC Arts Council.

A seasoned money-coach, Merideth will help you unpack the root issues and relationship that non-profit arts administrators have with money while helping

Fall Registration Opening

Virtual Residencies take place early 2021

POD 3 - Decolonization and Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Arts BC is currently working on shaping these pods in collaboration with peers. Stay tuned for more in the fall!
POD 4 - Innovation & Digitization
Arts BC is currently working on shaping these pods in collaboration with peers. Stay tuned for more in the fall!

Program Flow

  • 5-8 members will be selected per pod
  • Each pod is guided by an Insight Team member or associate
  • Each pod member commits to our Knowledge-Sharing Contract
  • Meet monthly September- March with intersession learning and aims
  • Breakouts via Arts BC digital platforms (Zoom; FB groups; MailChimp; Slack; social media etc..)
  • Cultural equity lens facilitated and integrated throughout by Kingsley Studwick
  • Decolonization lens facilitated and integrated throughout by various Indigenous colleagues
  • Guest speakers are invited throughout the program
    Each pod is supported by our program

  • Arts BC AGM 2021 - ARTS BC AGM 2021 AGM Date: Thursday, June 24, 2021 Time: 12:00 p.m. Location: Zoom Video Conferencing Eligible Voters: Associate, Individual and Full Members