Membership for Teams, Groups & Collectives

We’re currently offering COVID relief. New and existing members can purchase a single 1-year membership at a reduced rate. To access this relief, simply select a lower-tier payment option based on your organization’s annual budget, which will be valid for one year from the purchase date. For organizations already operating within the $1 – $14,999 budget level: reduce your membership to $20/year by using the discount code “covidrelief“.

If your organization has not felt the financial burden of the pandemic, we urge you to pay the full membership fee. Your support helps everyone in our sector, so please only take advantage of this offering if your organization requires it.

Please fill out the application form below to complete your registration. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach us at [email protected] or by phone at +1-778-410-5104.



By signing up, I agree to update my member profile online to ensure my contact information, insurance coverage, and billing information are accurate and current. 

I understand that Arts BC collects my information for the purpose of membership management only. I also understand that Arts BC stores my membership information with a US-based data service provider and, as such, access to that information may be subject to the laws of that jurisdiction.  

All information collected during the annual renewal process will be used for membership management purposes only, in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act. If there are any questions about the collection, use, or disclosure of this information, please contact Arts BC at +1-778-410-5104. 

Printable Membership Form. If you’re looking for a physical version of the membership form, click the link below to download a printable copy. To access the COVID relief, simply include a brief letter or note indicating your interest and mail it together with the application to our provincial office.

Download Membership Form