With so many worthy causes seeking financial support these days, it can be challenging to decide where your investment will have the most impact. So why choose Arts BC? Because the arts have a demonstrated record of making a difference in the lives of British Columbians and in British Columbia communities.


The arts are fundamental to a robust economy. Of canada’s 10 Provinces, BC has the largest percentage of its labour force in arts occupations. As well, the arts and cultural sectors and B.C.’s creative industries generate $5.2 billion each year and employ 78,000 people. (Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture Service Plan, 2009).


Every dollar invested by the province in arts and cultural organizations returns between $1.05 and $1.36 directly to provincial treasuries through tax revenues (


With cultural tourism becoming a key factor, investment in this sector is very important. The arts are cost effective. Studies (Conference Board of Canada and Vancouver Cultural Plan 2007) conclude that every dollar a municipality spends on arts and cultural activity results in between seven and 13 dollars in economic activity.


The arts are basic to education. Learning through the arts, a three year national research study conducted by queen’s university concluded that involvement in the arts contributed to student achievement as much as 11 percentile points higher in math than their peers. Ninety per cent of parents reported that the arts motivated their children to learn. Teachers, parents, artists, and administrators talked about how the arts motivated children, referring to the emotional, physical, cognitive, and social benefits of learning in and through the arts.


The arts build social connections and civic engagement. with our province’s increasing cultural diversity, arts and culture allow for better cross-cultural understanding and allow people to deepen their relationships with one another through shared cultural experiences.



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PLANNED GIVING: there are many ways to support Arts BC with a planned gift, including trusts, will provisions, retirement plan designations, and insurance policies in which the Arts BC is named as beneficiary. Even if you cannot give a large gift at present, you can arrange a deferred gift and still enjoy income from your assets. Arts BC would be happy to work with you and your financial or estate-planning advisors to determine the gift best suited to your needs, desires, and goals. to find out more about planned giving, please contact us.





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