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Patricia Huntsman is a Cultural Development and Communications consultant. Prior to making Vancouver Island her home, Patricia worked nationally and internationally in senior roles in the creative industry. As a member of a growing field of cultural management professionals in North America, Patricia Huntsman is a sought-after and respected voice at the forefront of culture-led economic and community development in Canada. Patricia is recognized for her intuitive, engaging, and dedicated client-centered approach. She holds an M.B.A. and B.A. from the University of New Brunswick, and a diploma in French Studies from the Sorbonne. Her British Columbia-based consultancy offers a full roster of management, planning and communication services tailored to building communities through culture. An avid supporter of visual and performing arts, she has served as a director on notable boards across Canada, including Opera Lyra Ottawa and the University of New Brunswick. She is a member of the professional association Arts Consultants Canada, the Creative City Network and the Canadian Museums Association. 


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