Our network ​will help you connect with​ peers working and volunteering in arts and culture​; and give you access ​to our knowledge-sharing resources​ to help you, your organization and your community.



When you join our network of individuals, organizations and businesses you help keep the arts thriving in our communities. Membership in Arts BC is open to all that express an interest in promoting and participating in arts and culture in BC.




  1. Reduced insurance rates for Directors and Officers Liability, General Liability, Property, Cyber and Volunteer Accident coverage. All non-profit members are eligible for reduced rates available through Shaw Sabey and Associates.
  2. Access to the Arts and Entertainment Plan®. The Arts & Entertainment Plan® is underwritten by AFBS, and offers competitive rates on Drug, Health, Dental and Life insurance for members of ArtsBC and their dependants. Click HERE for more details.
  3. Free promotion on our website for job postings and event listings.
  4. Access to the ArtsBC Member Directory. Members may request a list of members in excel or other electronic formats.
  5. Subscription to the ArtsBC e-news and e-bulletins. Our communications include timely and relevant articles about new resources, funding opportunities and other topics of interest to anyone involved in the arts in BC.
  6. Members may also contact ArtsBC for referrals or resources.




Is the Arts BC Membership Fee less than the amount of savings on Directors & Officers Liability insurance?

In all likelihood, yes! Arts BC members only pay a ‘flat’ fee, rather than being rated based on total gross revenues, number of employees and other factors.

Minimum premiums in today’s market typically start at $500 for a $1,000,000 liability limit and $700 for a $2,000,000 liability limit. And they only go up from there!


Is the Arts BC Membership Fee less than the amount of savings on Commercial General Liability insurance?

Again, Arts BC members save big on liability premiums, because they only pay a ‘flat’ fee, rather than being rated on total gross revenues, operations, among many other factors.

Minimum premiums in today’s market typically start at $650 for a $2,000,000 liability limit and $900 for a $5,000,000 liability limit.


Can insurance renewals be sent automatically including a reminder of Arts BC Membership?

Yes, all insurance renewals will automatically include Arts BC membership reminders moving forward.

Can the insurance be renewed online?

Not yet, but Shaw Sabey is in the process of building an online platform where Arts BC members will be able to renew their insurance online, easily and efficiently.

Can the insurance be renewed automatically with credit card/Paypal payment?

Not yet, but these payment options will be made available when Shaw Sabey rolls out its new online platform. For the time being Shaw Sabey can take credit card payments quickly over the phone.

Why do I need Directors & Officers Liability insurance?

Now more than ever, individuals serving on boards of directors are being held accountable for their actions and inactions. Directors and officers are required to act in good faith and in the best interest of the organization. When a claim or allegation of wrongdoing arises, a director’s personal assets are at risk. It’s a common misconception that a director can expect his or her non-profit organization to cover the costs. Claims and allegations (no matter how frivolous) can threaten both the personal wealth of the individual directors and officers as well as financial viability of the organization. Often the greatest cost in dealing with an allegation against an organization, or its directors or officers, is the legal cost of defending the action.

The directors and officers liability insurance offered through Arts BC’s program also comes with employment practices liability insurance for no additional cost. This coverage protects against liability claims by current, former or potential employees with respect to employment practices.

Why do I need Commercial General Liability Insurance?

Commercial general liability insurance protects an organization against third party bodily injury or property damage claims arising from its operations and/or premises. For example, a visitor to your premises may trip and fall over a raised floor board or a volunteer may accidentally cause property damage while working off-site. The awards for serious injuries can be immense, never mind the legal expenses and defense costs. Even if you did nothing wrong, the costs associated with defending the allegation could be crippling to your non-profit organization or result in bankruptcy.

How does the commercial general liability coverage offered through Arts BC’s insurance program compare with other commercial general liability coverage available in the market?

Intact Insurance’s “LR20 – Commercial General Liability Max” form is the cream of the crop and provides arguably the broadest commercial general liability coverage available in today’s Canadian market. Some of its many features, which may not be built-in to competing commercial general liability products, include:

  • no liquor liability exclusion
  • volunteers included as named insured
  • bodily injury definition includes mental injury and shock
  • personal injury definition includes humiliation and discrimination
  • advertising injury included
If we are serving or selling alcohol at an event do we need separate/extra insurance, or are we covered under our annual commercial general liability policy?

It depends. All liquor exposures must be referred to your Shaw Sabey representative in advance of the event.

While there is no liquor liability exclusion in the annual commercial general liability policy, it is not intended to cover liquor specific events or activities. Some events with minor liquor exposures may be covered under the annual policy, but must be approved by the insurance company first. Other events with higher liquor exposures may require a separate special event liability policy, which typically range in price from $150-$250 for single day events.

What is Tenants Legal Liability coverage?

Tenants legal liability coverage protects against liability claims arising from property damage to the premises of others, which the insured organization rents or occupies. This may include leased space, or a venue rented for an event. It is necessary because commercial general liability coverage excludes damage to property “occupied by” or “rented to” the insured organization.

Members who purchase commercial general liability insurance through Arts BC’s program, automatically receive $500,000 tenants legal liability coverage.


What is an “additional insured”?

An “additional insured” is a party listed on a named insured’s insurance policy, to protect that party against potential liability claims arising from the named insured’s negligence.


How do I get an additional insured added to my certificate of insurance, and does it cost anything?

Email the full name and mailing address of the entity who has requested to be added as an additional insured, and the reason for their request. If the request is in relation to a lease agreement or other contract, include it as a part of the email.

Additional insured’s can usually be added for no additional premium.

Is property insurance available through the Arts BC insurance program?

Yes absolutely, property coverage can be included with your commercial general liability certificate of insurance. New applicants can choose to add property coverage on their commercial general liability application. Existing certificate holders can add property coverage anytime by contacting their Shaw Sabey representative. The cost is a direct result of the amount of coverage needed.

What is Extra Expense coverage?

Extra expense coverage pays for the additional costs above and beyond normal operating expenses that an organization incurs to continue operations while its property is being repaired or replaced after having been damaged.

What is co-insurance?

Co-insurance is a penalty imposed on the insured by the insurer for underinsuring the value of their property. Arts BC’s insurance program has a 90% co-insurance clause, which means the insured must insure at least 90% of the total value of their property, or they will be penalized in the event of a claim.


What is a loss payee?

A “loss payee” is a person or entity listed on a named insured’s insurance policy, which is entitled to all or part of the insurance payout in connection with the covered property in which it has interest.


What do I do in the event of a claim or incident which could result in a claim?

Contact your Shaw Sabey representative immediately, so the claim can be properly reported to the insurance company.


  • Arts BC AGM 2020 - ARTS BC AGM 2020 AGM Date: Friday, June 12, 2020 Time: 12:30 p.m. Location: Zoom Video Conferencing Eligible Voters: Associate, Individual and Full Members