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Rhythm Club is a full-service digital marketing agency that specializes in educational workshops and solutions for forward-thinking individuals, creative businesses & non-profit organizations. Built on the concept that a bit of experienced advice provides you with tools to spend less time promoting your art, more time for the fun stuff… honing your craft and dreaming bigger. Simply put – we hack growth, explode culture, and catalyze conversions in real-life, interactive workshops!


With 7 years of success in large-scale live events, Zan specializes in developing the online narratives of creative companies to increase sales, create community engagement and promote brand recognition. Zan’s creative and connective campaigns have sold over 100,000 tickets internationally in the live event space. She currently works with Bass Coast Festival (British Columba), Sonic Bloom Festival (Colorado) and consults breakthrough artists with experimental music label MalLabel Music.

Evie is an innovative arts administrator from Australia, with over 6 years of experience, delivering online communications, strong social media campaigns & niche art & culture event services. After completing her Advanced Diploma in Music Business from CMIT Perth, Western Australia, she developed skills & relationships to produce large outdoor music events. Evie is currently the Marketing Coordinator for Island Mountain Arts (ArtsWells Festival), is the Assistant ED for Tiny Lights Festival (Ymir) and is a Trainer for BC Touring Council.


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Have a question? Need to trouble-shoot? Let us help you by sharing our deep knowledge and expertise, or simply by connecting you with peers.

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Our team of regional knowledge experts, consultants and advisors are available online or face-to-face for half-day and full-day tailored sessions with your group or one-on-one coaching. Fees, travel and accommodations costs may be applicable.

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