2018 SRFP18 ACDB-01 BC Art Collection Program Review Proposal Appendix A

2018 SRFP18 ACDB-01 BC Art Collection Program Review Proposal Document

Deadline: December 7, 2017

The provincial art collection was established by the Government of BC in 1974. Currently, the BC Art Collection contains 1,139 artworks by 407 artists. Approximately one-third of the artwork is currently on loan within government offices while the remainder of the collection is held in a secure vault in Greater Victoria. The Arts and Cultural Development Branch of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture is responsible for the management of the collection. The branch is currently undertaking a review of this program.

The contractor will complete an independent review of the program to ensure impartiality and appropriate expertise.

The responsibilities of the Contractor will be as follows:

1. Update the existing individual valuations of the artworks in the collection (last undertaken in 2008);

2. Review the current program policies, operations documentation and collection database of the program;

3. Conduct research on current practice from other jurisdictions; and
 4. Provide a detailed report on options for the program.

Three options must be presented:
1) direct government delivery of a renewed program;
2) third party management for delivery of a renewed program, and
3) cessation of the program.

Further options should be included if research indicates that other delivery options exist.
Details on each option must include:

– a description of the option;

-references to any existing examples of best practices from other jurisdictions;

– an optimal program budget with costs, potential revenue sources (i.e. fee for service) and staffing complement;

– a transition plan and budget to move from the current state to the proposed format;

– a list of potential delivery partners identified where applicable; and
 – a discussion of the pros and cons.

The following deliverables are required:

1. Updated art work valuations submitted as a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet at the end of the first month of the contract.

2. Final report submitted at the end of the third month of the contract.