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Ian Robert Jones is the host of the Arts BC Facebook Live. Basically he’s a media person who loves storytelling, building audiences and creating a buzz. Ian might have a face for radio 🙂 but he has the heart of an explorer and is obsessed with newness, novelty and change particularly as it relates to the digital world; video, live-streaming, VR, AR, podcasting, social media, social media marketing, analytics and data analysis are all passions and areas of expertise. He was born in England, loves football (the round ball kind) and spent the last 5 years in Belgium developing new media projects across Europe.


The Arts BC FB Live is a live-streaming video event that takes place every Friday @ 3pm PST. Each week, former CBC radio host, Ian Robert Jones, showcases guests and presenters appearing at the 2018 Arts BC Conference, May 10-12, at the Nikkei National Museum and Cultural Centre in Burnaby. The theme of this year’s conference is “Engagement in a New Arts Era.” The Arts BC Fb Live explores what this means, why it’s so important and how it affects you. We’re loving it and hope you are too!


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This week on the Arts BC Fb Live, Ian chats with Nichola Reddington, Senior Cultural Planner for the City of Victoria | Create Victoria

Nichola Reddington

by Arts BC Fb Live | City of Victoria | Create Victoria | Sr. Cultural Planner

Program Notes | Key takeaways +
  • Create Victoria– 5 yr integrated plan on how to invest in arts and culture in the City of Victoria
  • “More red carpet, less red tape.” The new plan calls for a better understanding of how to advocate on behalf of artists. “When do support organizations need to lean in and help out, and when do we need to roll back the red tape and get out the way!?”
  • “Punk and Polite.”Victoria has an established arts community but is also experiencing a lot of newness in the arts. The plan recognizes that people want different things, and accommodates a board spectrum of diverse interests
  • “City-making, creative ecosystem, the creative economy, creative place-making, cultural clusters and hubs”are terms that refer to the so-called New Arts Era. Think creativity rather culture. We are consuming culture differently. Using technology more. We are open to and using different platforms. Modes of art consumption and distribution have changed. How do you manage this change? How do you reach new audiences but also serve your traditional audiences?
  • In the New Arts Era artists must tap into global networks in order to thrive. Artists and arts org’s need to think more about who their audience is and how to reach them. Must figure out new ways to take advantage of markets everywhere. Artists are going to have to adjust to the new opportunities and challenges facing them
  • Every city needs an arts and cultural masterplan or roadmap. Arts and culture are as important to sustainable city-buliding as environmental or social policy. It is an important part of the reason people choose to live where they do
  • Create Victoria’s masterplan was developed around needs identified for the City of Victoria. Cities, towns and small communities elsewhere in the province need to think about what their cultural assets are, and to leverage them. Know your city. Our plan might not work in your city. Be smart, be authentic, really listen your community. Create bridges and networks
  • Ask yourself: What does a “creative city” look like to you? But going beyond that what does a creative city “feel” like? What emotions does it evoke? Does it feel like creativity is living around every corner? Do you feel like you have the freedom to be creative? And is there a home for that creativity? What is your place in this creative eco-system? Both as an artist or a patron?
    BONUS: Nation-wide resource, the Creative City Network. 15 years old. Annual summit in Mississauga, November 6-8. It’s all about cultural planning. For info and resources Creativecity.ca

  • Arts BC AGM 2021 - ARTS BC AGM 2021 AGM Date: Thursday, June 24, 2021 Time: 12:00 p.m. Location: Zoom Video Conferencing Eligible Voters: Associate, Individual and Full Members



  • Arts BC AGM 2021 - ARTS BC AGM 2021 AGM Date: Thursday, June 24, 2021 Time: 12:00 p.m. Location: Zoom Video Conferencing Eligible Voters: Associate, Individual and Full Members