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Chad Rickaby

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DigistARTS Advisor/ Digital Strategist

Chad Rickaby, Nordicity West, MPP

Chad is a consultant at Nordicity with a breadth of experience in leading digital assessments and strategies in the arts and cultural sector. Through his work, he has also developed a broad set of robust research and writing skills and strong experience in survey design and enumeration, strategic planning facilitation methods and communication.

Chad was the research lead on ArtsBC’s DigistARTS, including designing a province-wide online survey, giving him unique insights into the needs and opportunities for digital transformation in BC. As part of this work he also developed a ‘digital toolkit’ for that provides a one-stop shop for existing tools that may be useful for arts organizations. Additionally, Chad has worked on digital strategies for arts organizations as well as at the municipal and provincial level across Canada.

Chad holds a Master of Public Policy and Global Affairs (MPP) and a BA in Political Science and International Relations from the University of British Columbia.


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