Board Composition

General Content

This presents criteria used by the ArtsBC to develop a board of directors to best serve the aims, objectives and needs of the organization.  Ideally the composition of the board will reflect the following:

Contacts And Connections

  • With arts councils and other local agencies
  • With potential business and corporate partners who have invested in their communities and who potentially share our organizational goals
  • With business and professional organizations where potential funding and other partnerships can be developed
  • With practicing artists and arts organizations, particularly those working in a community cultural development context
  • With educational organizations and institutions
  • With health care organizations and institutions
  • With other organizations in the not-for-profit sector
  • With governments and government institutions at municipal, regional, provincial and federal levels

Interests And Passions

  • Community based art
  • Professional arts practice
  • Innovative partnerships
  • Community service
  • Innovation in cultural development at the local level
  • Social change

Skills, Experience And Knowledge

  • Partnership development
  • Organizational change
  • Strategic planning
  • Meeting management
  • Governance models and board development
  • Financial management and stewardship
  • Fundraising and resource development
  • Government infrastructures relevant to community arts and cultural development
  • Community cultural development practices and processes
  • Social change practices and processes


  • Age
  • Cultural/Ethnic
  • Gender
  • Geographic
  • Comfort with risk-taking